About Us

Toronto Youth Basketball League is set up by a few member clubs to promote youth basketball league at affordable price and higher game standards. League runs year around, about 6-10 weeks per season.

League has 2 divisions, one is Rep Div, where full court press and double teammates are allowed. another one is Selected Div, where is more like OBA style fair play rules.

Below are feed from a parent with 3 kids:

Hi there! I’m just a ordinary parent want keep my kids active in basketball game besides weekly skills training. TYBL gives us a break by providing this cost-saving leagues games. keep your hard working TYBL !

…next is comments from a club:

Every year we have to fund-rise to help funding our teams for oba or cybl games. Thanks TYBL, now we do not have to cut a arm to pay those bills and membership fee any more.

At TYBL, we want be your first choice when come to affordable youth basketball league and tournaments for clubs, teams and parents who want keep kids active and reach to their kids’s highest potential. Have fun!